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Sveiki!vai kads varetu pateikt kas ir si u2012 par kludu ford galahy 2007g?????


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===ABS DTC U2012-A0===
Code: U2012 - CAN communication bus fault

- Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request
- Malfunction Indicator Lamp is On for this DTC

Module: Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module
Diagnostic Trouble Code details
CAN communication bus fault
This DTC may be caused by :

CAN 1 Bus Fault
CAN Controller Circuit (Bus off)
There is Interference on the CAN bus
There is an incorrect connection of CAN bus wiring.
There is defective CAN bus wiring.
Check the wiring harness

Operator Action
Run self test.
Fix all relevant DTCs then clear codes and retest.

DTCs that start with 'U' are faults which occur during module-to-module communication.
Modules should never be replaced based only on a 'U' code. These codes do not always indicate a problem, and can be caused by normal diagnostic functions, carried out on the vehicle.

Additional Information
The ABS lamp should be illuminated.
The ESP lamp should be illuminated.
There will be an ESP malfunction warning displayed on the driver information text panel.

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Paldies par info,es meginaju testu palaist kur si kluda izmet tad testa laika abi arejie spoguli raustidamies taka pie auto noliecas un viss dators izmet so kludu,doma bik par spogulu vadiem ka tur kads vads puss bet bez testa bez problemam ka var pielocit gan atlocit spogulus,tad drizak vadibas bloka ta problema varetu but.


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